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Fencing & related services

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is one of the best types of security barriers. At JMS Fencing we have experience in a wide range of applications of electric fencing.

We specialise in both freestanding and wall top electric fencing.

Farm & Game Fencing

Farmers and Game reserves need to have a strong boundary for both theft and livestock protection. There are many different types of fencing for each application. We have experience with the following:

Breeding Camps – Lion Camps –¬†Jackals proof fencing – Boundry Fencing

Solar powered Energiser & Gate Motor installations

On farms and game reserve camps there is often very limited electricity connections which means that you need to rely on solar power or generators. Solar power is the best solution in the long term but it has to be installed correctly from day one to prevent problems down the road.

We understand how to install solar systems for energisers and gate motors in isolated areas.

ClearVu Fencing

ClearVu fencing is a great alternative to the traditional fencing solutions. If you need protection that is almost invisible but is extremely strong then ClearVu is a good choice.

Contact us to find out about the ClearVu options available.

Custom gate building

No fence is complete without a good quality working gate. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link so we offer the service of making custom gates to suit the environment. Chat to us for advice on what kind of gate is best for your project.

Request a quote for your custom gate.

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